Monday, February 14, 2011

Yoni Turns 17, Part Deux

For the second installment of Yoni's birthday (remember him, he got cupcakes not too long ago), his mom ordered a cake decorated with his favorite things. We started with a laptop, because seriously, what teenager does not spend too much time on a computer?Unless, of course, they are spending too much time on a cell phone, talking and texting.He is a big fan of the army (I know I mentioned that when I showed you the camouflage icing cupcakes!),
he loves playing on his PSP,but lest you worry, he also gets outside sometime, as he is an avid biker.
(I actually loved how this biking symbol came out! I feel like for the next Olympics, I want to make a cake full of sport symbols. Especially curling, because it's just so hilarious. I wonder what the symbol for that is?!) And did I mention he likes the army? Thus the camouflage number 17 - look closely, you will see the patterning!
Glad to have helped Yoni and family share his birthday, even from far away.


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Anonymous said...

Very nice . . . Especially the little laptop!

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