Monday, February 14, 2011

Far from home

When a child, no matter how old, is far from home for his birthday, it is hard on both parents and child. Yoni lives here, while his parents are back in the States. For his 17th birthday, Yoni's mom, a very talented cake decorator, wanted to send him something that would remind him of the family. For the first installment of his birthday, she sent cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with camouflage colored (brown and green) vanilla frosting, since Yoni is a total army fanatic, topped with golden yellow letter and stars, spelling out "Mazal tov Yoni" and the number "17."This was one of the fastest orders I have ever done, and I am pleased with how they came out.
Yoni's mom was too - as you will see shortly, part II of the birthday treats will follow soon! The only victim here, the photography. I hope to some day learn a lot more about food photography, not to mention always have enough time for beautiful set-ups and backgrounds, but since this is the real world, and these desserts are going to real people, I guess I will compromise on the pictures, but NEVER on the product.


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