Monday, February 14, 2011

Girls deserve treats too!

When a boy is born, the community immediately jumps into celebration mode with a Shalom Zachar on the Friday night immediately following the birth. Many families have taken on the custom of celebrating girls as well - yay for suffrage! - with a Simchat Bat or otherwise named event. These cookies were ordered for a simchat bat, and came out adorable. Again, the in-house talent, Shana, decorated the sugar cookies for me. I love how she takes an idea (I said "Can you draw some baby stuff?...") and simply elevates it.
There are two versions of this design - using two slightly different coloring techniques.Have you ever seen anything so cute?
In addition to snickerdoodles, coffee and cream brownies, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and lemon wedges, the homemade Oreos were filled with pink vanilla cream to honor the new arrival. Mazal tov!


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pragmaticattic said...

Shana is so talented! Very nice.

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