Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dental Anguish and Sports Related Injury

Every six months or so, we tend to spend an disproportionate amount of time in the dentist's chair. This Sunday continued the trend, following hot on the heels of our previous week's visits. I had a regularly scheduled cleaning appointment, but Ariella had to join me to revisit the problem that she had the week before, which had not cleared up after a course of antibiotics. My teeth were, B"H, just fine (makes sense since I had been checked not two weeks prior), but Ariella's tooth needed to be opened and cleaned out. It turned out to be a sort of abcess that had developed on the spot of a previous root canal. She was, as always, a trooper, and she is now all better. She also lost yet another tooth that evening, during tooth brushing. If she was not so eager to go out and spend her Tooth Fairy money on overpriced candy, she would be a rich woman by now.

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy, she seems to be the type of fairy that is impeded by house alarms. That is, her proxies are bad parents and forget to put money under Ariella's pillow during the night, leading to grave disappointment and tears. Luckily, we are relatively quick on our feet. Last time we told her that the alarm kept the Tooth Fairy out, but if she would go wash up, we would turn the alarm off, and the TF would be able to enter and do her thing, which she did. This time, the TF was too lazy to walk all the way through the house, so she just left money under David's pillow. What a lazy little sprite!

David was the victim of a sports injury on Tuesday night - he got a nice gouge by his eye in a basketball game, caused by his glasses jamming into his eyelid right by the bridge of his nose. He came home and had me use my extensive medical expertise to assess whether his injury required treatment. I used the "Does it make me want to barf?" test, and sent him on to Terem, where he was glued back together, while I went to sleep. Sports loving fool that he is, he is not retiring from play; instead, he is going to purchase sports glasses - Recs Specs, or Pro Specs, or whatever you call them.

Dani has headed out south on his tiyul shnati. He is well stocked with candy, as is the custom for youngsters, and will visit the dentist when he returns.

I am hard(ly) at work on this week's baking. In addition to cookies, I am making cupcakes for a friend of ours who got engaged and is making a celebratory kiddush. Probably chocolate mini-cakes, topped with coffee buttercream. That is subject to change, so I will let you know.

Til later, hope you are having a good week.


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