Saturday, January 2, 2010

When it rains, it pours

No, I am not talking about actual rain, though there was some rain this week, and pouring would be beneficial. This is a dental gripe. On Sunday night, I discovered a broken filling. So I got to head to the dentist and have a repair. Lucky for me, this was a tooth that had no nerves, thanks to prior root canal, so there was no anesthetic and no pain. Then, on Wednesday evening, Ariella complained of pain in her gum. Sure enough, she had an infection. Luckily, after a squeezed-in visit to the dentist and an exam and x-ray, the doctor decided that antibiotics would do the trick, and there was no cavity present.

Shabbat was a quiet affair, just the six of us. Napping was a joy.

This week's orders included two for bar mitzvahs off the yishuv. One, in Modi'in, was a nut-free order. The other was in Ra'anana, where the client has some definite favorite flavors. The first included thin mint sandwiches, Mexican brownies, kicked-up chocolate chip cookies, orange-cranberry-white chocolate chip cookies, and molasses cream sandwiches.

The second had the addition of peanut butter bites, for the non-allergic population. I still prefer to platter them in cupcake papers, so that they won't come in contact with the other cookies. Mazal tov to both the bar mitzvah boys and their families!

Not too much else to report. Lots of work to do, thank G-d. Have a good week.


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