Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Five Minute Break

This post is my little break for the day - it's a wacky day, with a lot of orders to work on. I just finished a batch of red velvet mini-cupcakes, and I think I am a convert. I know food coloring is gross, but the cupcakes look so cute and taste yummy too! I also cheated a little by putting them in red cupcake papers, to kick up the red value a bit. They are for a Sweet 16 order in Ra'anana, pick-up tomorrow. Then I have to deal with regular Shabbat orders, and Saturday night's bar mitzvah dessert, which is well on its way to completion, I hope. Lots going on - chocolate mini-cupcakes are next up, then a couple of bars. I have already baked five types of cookies today, not to mention filling, drizzling, dipping, frosting - the works. Hope to regale you with pictures, but probably not until after Shabbat, or maybe later than that, as next week is very full as well!

Getting back to it,

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