Sunday, January 24, 2010

Want fries with that?

At long last, I can unveil the project that has consumed so much of my time lately - the hamburger cookie stack!!!
This is it - my albatros. A number of months ago, my friend Caryn, who is also a party planner/runner par excellence, came to me to talk about her son Eli's bar mitzvah. He wanted a barbeque for his party, and Caryn loved the theme. Among other thematic elements - the red and white checked tablecloths, the b-b-q style food, the hot dog mylar balloon and ketchup bottle base centerpieces - she wanted to do some kind of hamburger and hot dog style dessert, and asked me to come up with something. She came up with the idea of canollis filled with red cream to represent hot dogs (pigs in blankets) and I was to come up with the hamburger element. I had seen the idea done with cupcakes and brownie cut outs, but we both wanted to go with something a little more realistic looking, as well as tastier. So I came up with this - black and white cookie on top, whoopie pie cookie in the middle, chocolate chip black and white on the bottom, with frosting lettuce and ketchup. First baked were the bun elements

and then the burgers (less out of focus than the buns).Assembly was made possible through the kindness of my family, who helped speed the assembly line along, and who cooked two-thirds of Shabbat. And this was the result:Feedback was excellent, from the wow factor to the actual eating. Yay!!! It was a great party, and I was very happy to be a part of it.

More on the rest of Shabbat and last week coming up next....


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