Saturday, January 30, 2010

Starting the week off right

Shabbat has just ended, and the new week has started with a bang: Ophira, the daughter of our neighbors Judy and Phil, just got engaged! Mazal tov! We are so excited for everyone! Lookig forward to making beautiful desserts for their engagement party, whenever that may be.

The week that passed was also full of occasions. Ariella took a field trip to "Olam Ha'avaz" (literally "Goose World") and thoroughly enjoyed seeing and learning all about birds and even holding a baby chick. Dani is now officially registered for Chorev boy's yeshiva high school for seventh grade - it should all be with mazal. Dani and Lola both received their teudot(report cards) on Friday, and we are so proud of both of them for exemplary marks and behavior, in school, at least. Shana and Ayelet will receive theirs on Sunday, and then have a couple of days off between semesters.

As far as baking goes, I made birthday cupcakes for a client this week, yummy vanilla cupcakes with a really delicious chocolate buttercream (a new recipe I had been wanting to try) and sprinkles.

Hope the birthday boy enjoyed!

I also did desserts for a bat mitzvah of a young lady visiting from the US. Her family are old friends who used to live in our neighborhood, and the mom and I were pregnant together with Dani and Esite, the bat mitzvah girl. It was so nice to see them, and wild to see Estie - and their other kids - all grown up! The platters included alfajores, chocolate cake bite truffles, chewy oatmeal cherry cookies, chocolate espresso cream wafers, apple crumble bars, lemon wedges, cinnamon squares, and caramel brownies.

The party was lovely - we all had fun and enjoyed the blast from the past.
The chocolate cake truffles were something I had never made in bulk before. Rolling them in the chocolate was something of a challenge. Once I had made a sufficient quantity, I still had a bit of the mixture left over. Since we were invited out for dinner Friday night, and David and I were attending a bar mitzvah lunch, I did not have a ton of cooking to do. I took the opportunity to make cake bite truffle pops - so cute, and very tasty.

That's enough sweets for this week! Shavua tov everybody!


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