Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A mid-week post?

I am trying to post a little more frequently, to avoid the need for giant catch-up posts, so let's see how this goes. I am skeptical about the prospects.

Well, first off, the news services did report that the inspectors got fed up with the balagan at the front of the yishuv, went to the back entrance, entered unhindered, did their thing and left. Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I guess I should not say that. This was an example of free citizens expressing themselves and their civil rights. Yet, isn't the anger a little misplaced? Tell the leaders who made the rules about your feelings; don't abuse the underlings.

Ariella got her first in-school vaccination. She was awesome, or so she she tells us. I do know that she did not cry, and that she helped a friend be brave. And I was not there, so I guess that is the key to a shot not hurting. I guess there is something to say for the socialized medicine-tough as nails-don't let them see you cry Israeli attitude. She was actuallly excited and pleased about the whole thing, especially the sticker and treat.

Last night was Ariella's "Yerid Kamatz Patach," a fair celebrating the completion of learning all the letters of the alef-bet, in conjunction with the vowels kamatz, patach, and shva. It was very sweet, if a little lengthy. There were stations set up for each letter, with activities and crafts. A number were "chova" i.e. mandatory, and included something to take home. Then the kids performed Naomi Shemer's Alef-bet song,
(10 points if you can find Lola in the crowd!) and adjourned to their respective classrooms for refreshments. Ariella especially enjoyed the traditional olives and pickles that accompany every class meal. Now is the time for baking prep. I am going to try to rework the chocolate caramel cookie bars that I made a couple of weeks ago, in order to make them sellable. I need to fidddle with the caramel, so that it doesn't all ooze out when it sits. Ah, life is so complex! Also, cooking for Shabbat has to happen, and we are having a very exciting sleepover guest - Joyce and Steven's daughter Elisheva, who is on winter break from her first year in college. If only her mom could have come with her...

When I get a chance, and if they are any good, I will post pix of Ariella at her party. She was cute, but generally the view of her was obstructed. UPDATE!!! Pictures are posted, such as they are!


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