Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Missing Paula that Much

While it is not Thanksgiving, I would like to take a moment to give thanks for that which has been restored to us - new television shows!! Thank heavens the season has resumed, with lots of new episodes and the return of some great shows, by which I mean Chuck. Also, the whole family is enjoying American Idol, especially the new hit song, "Pants on the Ground," by the sextegenarian non-contestant. We are also excited for the hillbilly girl to take a ride on the aeroplane and eat some peanuts. Now I just have to hold out until Lost returns, and show true patience and forbearance until the return of Glee. Yes, along with food (prior confession), I like television. And in his heyday, I loved Steven King. Even more than Hemingway or Steinbeck. There, I guess I really am white trash. So what - so sue me. But to redeem myself, may I recommend King's sort-of memoir On Writing. Part memoir, part writing tutorial, part description of a nearly fatal accident, it is a great read.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Dani's tiyul shnati was "okay." I think that means the hostel was not as nice as last year's, and the season finale of Hisardut (Israeli version of Survivor, same production company, same over-serious production values) had already taken place. The maslulim seem not to have been as much fun. But just as much candy was consumed, so no need to worry.

Ariella needs, wait for it, GLASSES! My baby can't see the luach (or, as she said, "sometimes I can't see the nikud on the luach."), so she needs to join the large family group requiring vision correction. She is way excited!

Shabbat was really nice. Shanie brought two Shana Bet friends, Adina and Shira. They were lovely, and we hope they will come again, though it will not make up for Shanie not being here. Ariel was with us for lunch with the kids, while Josh was in the States. We also attended the engagement kiddush I had mentioned previously, so all in all, a good Shabbat was had.

The cookies this week were great, if I say so myself, as I am so tired as to be unable to filter myself from braggy content. There was a lot of variety this week: chewy chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter bites, lemon drop sandwiches, tuxedo brownies, black and white cookies, honey pecan bars, and linzer hearts.
I also made cute engagement cupcakes, and I actually followed through on the plan to make chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream with a sweet fondant heart on the top. Very romantic.
It is now raining here - it is expected to, b'ezrat Hashem, continue for four days! We hope it will stop in time for Eli's bar mitzvah on Shabbat. Speaking of which, it is back to work for me!
Have a good one!
P.S. I am adding a couple of photos of Ariella's kamatz patach party to the appropriate prior post - enjoy!

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